Thursday, August 5, 2010


After finding out some of the opinions people had on the decision to overturn Prop8 I felt uneasy. Closed- minded people make me sad and really some of the things people have been saying. You act as if gays are something to look down upon. Honestly if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it... EVER...AT ALL! The nerve of some people!

That also applies to a lot of other things. It's the general courtesy line that's been taught to everyone since preschool. I mean really now...

On the upside, let's celebrate equality at it's finest and hope that everything else turns for the better!!!




  1. i saw your noh8 picture on facebook and i think it's pretty awesome that you got to participate in such a good campaign

  2. I commend you for taking a stand & I agree that some people can say hateful things towards a difference in beliefs. I for one, was for doesn't meant that I am against gay people or discriminating. I know some gay people who are for Prop8, it's not about hate it's about your own personal belief. I have many gay friends and have no ill feelings to them. My personal beliefs in Catholicism has initiated many to also say hurtful things in the past and present, such as "Catholics are the downfall of mankind" we are looked upon as evil and extreme. We don't believe in gay marriage but so what? does that make us hateful towards gay people? No. I love my gays, but I follow God's word. It kills me when people say, if you believe in God, and God is love, how could I discriminate against a community? No one is saying that gay people should be denied of their love. If people would do their research or pick up a bible, it says that marriage is for the simple purpose of procreation. That is my faith & I take a stand in it just as you are and many people with their own beliefs. The approach of some religious individuals, or even political stands does not justify an entire group (just putting this out there).

    Different beliefs doesn't constitute as close minded. Labeling people as that just because we are opposing to the overturn of prop8 makes you even more close-minded than the people you point your fingers to. But I'm sure you were referring to the disrespectful nay-sayers.

    I know I may have gone off a tangent, but this is something that is of importance in the country, so I had to put my 2 cents in.

    God bless.