Thursday, July 29, 2010

Adventures in the Bay

Before sending my sister back to Miami, I decided to take her to the city. I have to admit I have this terrible fear of heights, and though I may not have been the one driving, there is definitely something to be said about going up a hill only to go back down not being able to see where the heck you're going! San Francisco could quite possibly have the worst/steepest streets I have ever encountered! Being as small as I am, I already struggle not being able to see over my hood at times. But not knowing how far down you're going to have to go from a stop sign up hill, seems too much to me. Yes! I was definitely SPOOKED!

 Everything aside, I was definitely craving something from here, driving down Fisherman's Warf.

A Soy Caramel Frappuccino would have made my day...But it was far too cold to grab one.

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  1. it's 12 midnight here in the philippines and i just read this post and i just realized that i forgot my caramel sundae i put in the freezer 7 hrs ago! i meant to eat it after i ate my burger but completely forgot all about it! your mention of a caramel frap made me remember so now i'm having a midnight snack =)