Thursday, July 29, 2010

I thought about this earlier today…

…and it relates to a lot of things I’ve realized growing up. Do you ever notice how the people who talk a lot of non sense and the ones who really don’t have anything nice to say, are the ones who are either missing someone, missing something, or just unhappy with their life? I never took it into consideration until I really sat and thought about it.
All the people in grade school making fun of you because it makes everyone else laugh, when in all actuality they just want other people to approve of them. Those “friends” you have, (and lets admit we all have them), who are super nice to your face. But the minute you leave, have ANYTHING and EVERYTHING negative to say about what you were wearing, how your hair was, or even how you maybe just stood there and they even had something negative to say about that. THOSE are the people who are missing someone, something, or just plain unhappy. Think about it. I mean really think about it.
What is it that you have that they don’t? And the answer should be EVERYTHING! You probably have everything good in life going for you. That’s why you’re content and you don’t go out of your way to be negative. You don’t go out of your way to make fun.
Trust me. It doesn’t take much to make fun of someone to their face, put them down in front of EVERYONE to see. Get a couple of people to “side” with you. But it takes a strong person, (like yourself), to take it, all of it. Knowing that you can walk away with your head held high because you have everything… and they have something missing.
I look back at them and I feel nothing. I don’t feel sad, it doesn’t make me wish I was any different than I was. I actually feel only one thing towards those people. I feel bad for them.
It must be hard living your life seeking for others to approve of you just to make yourself feel better. It must be exhausting working for others and not yourself. How sad. I feel for you. I get it now.
What should you take away from all this? IF you are the person seeking everyone’s approval, talking non sense, and just plain unhappy. Find happiness. Find it for yourself and not by stepping on anyone to make it happen. Do not find happiness in the expense of others. THAT IS WEAKNESS.
It takes a strong person with all the love, happiness, and self worth to realize that.
Just a thought.


  1. I definitely agree with you! I use to have a friend who was JUST like what you described up there: talked complete nonsense and just plain BS about me the minute I turned around. It took me a while to realize that my life did not revolve around her and that there are other ppl out there who will cherish my friendship. I'm glad she's not a part of my life anymore. She is weak and is definitely missing something in her life. Maybe one day she'll find whatever is missing but until then my life is just fine without her.

    Good to know that I'm not the only one thinking this haha i feel ya girl!

  2. nice start ramiele! :)
    it's nice to read blogs from you guys!