Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last thoughts before falling asleep...

I feel so blessed and thankful for the people I have in my life.

You can try to block out the negative people and negative comments. But when it comes down to it, somehow or someway, it gets to you. You think to yourself, you try so hard to be who you are and remember to just be kind to everyone you meet. So why is it that this is getting to you?
You need to remember that you can’t make everyone happy. The ones who are the most negative, are the ones who are either jealous, or just hurt. I’ve heard everything said about me from, “She’s so cute!” to “She’s such a b*tch”. I’ve dealt with a lot of that in the past, and even up until now. If you think about it, the one’s who think negatively of you, are the ones who don’t really know you all that well.

I’m just glad that I can turn to the people I’ve known for years.

And I’m not saying that all friendships are perfect and you get along just great with the people you’re closest to. Because we’re all different with different opinions, but it’s the honesty and acceptance of the opinions that make your friendship that much stronger.

And as for the people who make their conclusions about you based on what they’ve heard from others, those people shouldn’t matter. They clearly can’t think for themselves. So it’s really nothing to you.
Forgive, forget, and enjoy life. It’s too short to miss out on the percentage of this earth’s amazing people! And remember to always be thankful, grateful, and just plain happy, because you know who you are and you are blessed with so much more than what everyone else see’s on the outside.

Final note: The best friends are the ones you don’t need to talk to every single day. But when you see them it’s as if you just saw them yesterday!

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