Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So I went home for the Holidays! I used to be the , "let's go out and party" type, but for some reason I didn't feel like being out as much when I was home. And the only time I agreed to go out with the girls, everything that could possibly go wrong happened to me all in one night! I will NEVER ever go to Dwn. Town Ft. Lauderdale again!

I got thrown up on while washing my hands in the bathroom, groped by some guy in v.i.p, and some weird guy kept trying to dance with me while my friends were boxing me in. We luckily got some good pictures out of our night, despite my bad luck.

I'd post more pictures of my stay, but I seriously spent most of my time with my mother in church or home with her watching her Teleserye's! Gotta love bonding with mommy :D

I did however, stop by Vanquish Studios to discuss a few things that might be in the works for this year! Definitely keeping our fingers crossed for it! Loved the place and the gentlemen were more than welcoming!

This trip brought me so much closer to my family, I'm making it a priority to see my family more this year and hopefully make it in the Studio!

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